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Dr. Paul Coleman

Job Title
Honorary Research Fellow
WMS - Population Evidence and Technologies
Research Interests

I am a public health registrar and honorary research fellow at the University of Warwick. I am interested in taking a mixed methods approach to understand the relationship between human health and the natural and built environment, with a particular focus on food policy, obesity and the social determinants of health

My current research focuses on exploring how public policy can support the development of a more sustainable food system; undertstanding how policy across government could be better aligned to address drivers of obesity; and exploring the impact of COVID-19 on the food system. I am also interested in exploring food system responses to the onging impacts of climate change.


I am a Public Health Registrar on the West Midlands public health training scheme, working between the University of Warwick, local authority public health teams and the Department for Health and Social Care. I work on the development of a range of public health interventions, from promoting active travel to reducing exposure to air pollution and improving dietary behaviour. I previosuly worked as a senior policy adviser with Toronto Public Health where I took an 'action research' approach in developing a healthier and more sustainable food system. I have a Masters' in Public Health and completed a PhD at the University of Birmingham exploring the impacts of climate change on pollination and food production.