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Dr. Paul Coleman

Job Title
Honorary Research Fellow
WMS - Population Evidence and Technologies
Research Interests

I am interested in taking a mixed methods approach to understand the relationship between human health and the natural and built environment, with a particular focus on food policy, air pollution and climate change.

My current research focuses on (i) identifying interventions that can reduce individual level contribution to air pollution by promoting more active and sustainable forms of travel (i.e. walking and cycling) and (ii) exploring how public policy can support the development of a more sustainable food system. I am also interested in exploring the implications of both climate change and Brexit on the UK food system.

Most recently, I have been working with PHE on the COVID-19 pandemic, examining which public health interventions have the greatest impact on reducing COVID-19 transmission with prison environments.


I am a Public Health Registrar on the West Midlands public health training scheme, working between the University of Warwick, local authority public health teams and Public Health England (PHE). Before joining the training scheme, I was a senior policy adviser with Toronto Public Health where I took an 'action research' approach in (1) developing a healthier and more sustainable food system and (2) developing strategies to reduce the health impacts of air pollution and climate change. I have an MSc in Aquatic Resource Management and completed a PhD at the University of Birmingham exploring the impacts of climate change on pollination and food production.