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Dr. Claire Raistrick

Job Title
Principal Teaching Fellow
WMS - Postgraduate Administration
024 765 74517
Research Interests

Transformational practices; self-evaluative practices; learning; provisional stabilities; technology enhanced learning; e-pedagogy; higher education

Claire Raistrick's research focuses on self-evaluative practices and e-pedagogy in higher education and the potential this may offer to enhance students' learning and improve teaching quality. She is interested in use of dialogue or discourse to construct or co-construct meaning and in participatory processes --- and their contribution to knowledge formation. Usability is central; she questions the value of outcomes for users --- people whose work or learning might be affected and hopefully improved by new ways of doing things. This strong interest in application is directly related to her professional background in applied ergonomics (or human factors) where usability is a key criterion. She has a participatory, people-focused ethos which is reflected in her professional practice as a coach, mentor and enabler.

From 2011 to 2013 she was Principal Investigator for an educational research study on Educators' self-evaluative practices when making technology enhanced learning innovations in higher education. She is now researching if guiding principles on self-evaluative practices can support educators' technology enhanced learning innovations.

Previously, Claire has led action research projects on assessment and a University pilot project on mobile video-conferencing to enhance access to lectures by students with a disability. Other educational research includes:

  • leadership perspectives on staff attitudes to e-pedagogy
  • how networked learning can impact learning design
  • improving pedagogical practices regarding assessment, moderation and online marking
  • how students from Africa and Asia use language and practices to construct their identities and what the implication of this may be for online learning
  • e-pedagogy in relation to work-based learning

Claire Raistrick is an educator, ergonomist/human factors specialist and public health professional (specialising in occupational health and safety). She holds a PhD in e-Research and Technology Enhanced Learning from Lancaster University. Additionally, Claire has postgraduate degrees in Management and Business Research Methods and in Ergonomics; she also holds a postgraduate certificate in Academic and Professional Practice. She is a Chartered Ergonomist & Human Factors Specialist (C.ErgHF MIEHF) and is recognised internationally as a European Ergonomist (Eur Erg). This background provides a unique interdisciplinary perspective.

Before joining Warwick in 2007 Claire practised in large organisations, including the NHS, and, since 1992, she has combined consultancy and innovation coaching with a role as an educator, and is managing director of Matrick Ergonomics Ltd. Her portfolio of world-renowned client organisations includes contracts grossing several hundred thousand pounds. She has successfully led multiple bids related to musculoskeletal and psychosocial harm, achieving significant knowledge transfer and improving health outcomes for populations by translating academic theory into practice.

At Warwick Claire's teaching-focused portfolio includes leadership on an innovative, cross-faculty, work-based learning programme. She has a strong understanding of the demands on students who are concurrently studying and working in professional roles. As joint module leader for the health-related dissertation and professional project modules she plays a central role in the postgraduate taught degree programmes in the Warwick Medical School 'Health Education Hub'.

Claire facilitates educational development workshops for faculty and is a mentor and coach. She has a highly collaborative approach to enhancing student learning. University-wide roles include representing Warwick Medical School on: the Teaching and Learning Grid committee; the Institute of Advanced Teaching and Learning module approvals committee; and cross-faculty course committees.

Claire routinely publishes in professional and academic contexts, has given national keynotes and held editorial roles. Twice nominated for a Warwick Award for Teaching Excellence she is, as a colleague recently dubbed her, a "serial innovator".