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Dr Harpal Randeva



Senior Lecturer (Clinical)


WMS - Translational Medicine
University of Warwick
Tel: +44(0)2476 968862

Research Interests

  • Energy homeostasis and metabolism
  • Adrenal and cardiovascular endocrinology
  • Molecular biology of orexins and their receptors
  • Reproductive endocrinology and polycystic ovary syndrome in collaboration with Dr Bee K Tan (Clinical Lecturer)
Dr Randeva leads a team of
  • 1 Non-Clinical Lecturer-Dr Alex Conner is a Non-clinical Lecturer who works in Dr Randeva's group with research interests in GPCR receptor biology and pharmacology. Dr Conner is closely working with Dr Randeva in GPCR research and mutational analysis of receptors. His work also includes neuropsychopharmacology and the genetics of psychiatric disease.
  • 1 Senior Research Fellow-Dr Jing Chen is a Senior Research Fellow, in Dr Randeva's team, works on Orexin and Adiponectin receptor biology.
  • 3 Post Doctoral Fellows-Dr Vanlata Patel and Dr Raghu Adya are working on cardiovascular endocrinology. Dr Patel works on exvivo cardiovascular physiology, studying the effects of adipokines on both isolated Langendorff and the working heart systems. Dr Adya is a newly appointed Research Fellow who is working on endothelial angiogenesis and inflammation. His work also includes the wire-myograph system to measure effect of adipkines on vascular reactivity. Dr Manjunath Ramanjaneya is a Wellcome Trust VIP fellow. His research interests includes adipose tissue biology and the effects of adipokines on adrenal function.

Research Projects

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