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What we do...

Write a brief intro to your society; give an overview of your activities and benefits for members.

Include a link to how new members can remain aware of events, 'email us to be added to:' Teams space, WhatsApp group, IG, email list, FB group, etc.

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Working on permissions for IG feeds!

Can change box to anything you like

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Upcoming Events

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[Note to editors: use a tag in calendar to filter the calendar feed displayed here]

[Above comes from current calendar - Calendar type / function currently under review by Digital Interns, Academic Technologists, and MedSoc]

Committee Role

Name, P1/2/3

1–2 lines: soc / role plans, why you got involved, fun fact / secret talent? Use any inbuilt 'photo editor' to make all photos the same pixel x pixel size - looks professional!

Committee Role

Name, P1/2/3

If multiple committee, can make a new page and add a link in buttons - just think if new users would check this, or it would get updated.

Committee Role

Name, P1/2/3

In dark grey banner, click 'Block layout' > 'Manage blocks' and follow instructions, if you want to have 2 or 3 per row instead.

Committee Role

Name, P1/2/3

Include open roles; leave one block that lists them, or make a new block below for them, or add to carousel. Include how to apply; form link or email.