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Infant Mental Health Online


The 2023/24 IMHOL training courses have been confirmed and are open for applications. If you have any questions, please contact

September Open cohort, starting on 25 September 2023:Cohort Full

January Open cohort, starting on 15 January 2024:Cohort Full

March Open cohort, starting on 11 March 2024: Cohort Full

Infant Mental Health Online (IMHOL)

IMHOL is designed to support perinatal and infant mental health (IMH) practitioners to acquire the central knowledge base required to inform their knowledge, skills and behaviours and provide evidence-based practice.

It is an inter-professional educational provision that promotes the "infant mental health frame of mind" and includes content mapped to the UK Infant Mental Health Competency Framework (2019).

It has 3 core underpinning themes: neurophysiology and biochemical structure of the infant brain, social and emotional development and ghosts and angels in the nursery. The theme theory is then incorporated into practice in the 2 modules of mother and fetus and babies and their relationships.

IMHOL learning outcomes work across all seven domains of the UK IMH Competencies:

1) Relation-based practice

2) Normal and atypical development

3) Factors that influence caregiving

4) Assessment of caregiving

5) Supporting caregiving

6) Reflective practice and supervision

6) Working within relevant legal and professional frameworks

This enables practitioners to identify their perinatal and IMH strengths and generate their IMH Portfolio for access to the specialist UK Infant Mental Health Recognition Register.

About the course

The aim of IMHOL is to promote an understanding about the fundamental principles of perinatal and IMH so practitioners are able to relate the relevant theory and research into their professional practice and improve outcomes for infants and their families they work.

It supports practitioners to understand the concept of development of emotional regulation in the early years and the relationship between emotional regulation and dysregulation to psychopathology.

The course is :

  • tailored for busy practitioners to access in their own time
  • reflective and self-directed
  • runs over a 16 week period (access to content is for 12 months)
  • requires engagement of 3-4 hours per week
  • does NOT require timed online attendance
  • has completion accreditation from Warwick Medical School
  • has Quality Assurance against the UK Infant Mental Health Recognition Register and 50 hours CPD accreditation
  • the advanced IMH level training offered by National Education for Scotland
  • open to applicants from the UK, Europe, Australia, America and Asia

Course intakes

The team have 3 start dates in the year: September, January, and March. We accept individual bookings, group bookings, and events whole-cohort bookings.

Key information

Course Director: Dawn Cannon

Contact and queries: Cheryl Grantham / Nicky Tiwana / Melissa Parkes

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Duration: Typical students complete the course within 16 weeks.

Course Fee: £157.50

Bookings for large numbers of staff or members of your trust are available, and the team can arrange closed/whole cohorts. To discuss such possibilities further, please contact the Course Director, Dawn Cannon.

Application and payment links are provided by the Coordinators

All our training provision has been mapped against the UK Infant Mental Health Competency Framework to enable practitioners to recognise how our learning outcomes support them to work towards gaining the knowledge and skills included in the framework.

Trusted provider of interprofessional education as part of NES' training plan

Student Testimonials