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Continual Professional Development


Warwick Medical School offers a range of professional and CPD programmes in a range of specialist areas. In addition, many of our masters-level modules are available as Postgraduate Awards.

Health Screening Workshop

This one day workshop provides those implementing NHS screening programmes with the tools to implement and assess those programmes, as well as addressing the key questions in the field.

Introduction to Clinical Ethics

This two-day course provides a comprehensive introduction to clinical ethics for new and potential members of clinical ethics committees – professionals from any background or speciality, and lay members

Diploma in Improving Diabetes Care (IDC) (for primary care staff)

The Diploma in Improving Diabetes Care (IDC) course, previously known as the Certificate in Diabetes Care (CIDC) course, is the UK’s leading foundation course in diabetes care.

Optimising Glycaemic Control

An online course to provide qualified healthcare professionals who regularly conduct diabetes clinics and reviews to develop the knowledge and understanding to help their patients achieve optimal glycaemic control using a range of therapies including insulin and GLP-1 receptor agonists.

Digital Communication for Health Professional Development Course

This professional development course will demonstrate the ways effective digital communications can help improve outcomes for patients with long term conditions.

Infant Mental Health Online

Currently in the United Kingdom there is no standardised training in infant mental health for front line professionals who work with babies/children and their families. Infant Mental Health Online (IMHOL) is designed to address this need.

Parent Infant Interaction Observation Scale (PIIOS)

The PIIOS is a validated, easy to use tool, designed with the front line practitioner in mind to assess parent-infant interaction between 2-7 months. The PIIOS has been developed to meet the need for a short, easily accessible screening tool to assess parental attunement for professionals such as health visitors, midwives, nursery nurses, social workers and psychologists.

Dermatology Update

This one day course covers the essential information to enable GPs, GP trainees and dermatology nurse practitioners to update their knowledge and management of dermatological conditions they typically encounter in primary care.

Advanced Ethics Training for Experienced Clinical Ethics Committee Members

This two-day course provides advanced training in ethics for experienced members of clinical ethics committees (professionals from any background or speciality and lay members) and practising clinicians who would like to enhance their knowledge, and practical application, of ethics in the clinical environment.

Management of Diabetes in Hospital Clinical Areas (for secondary care staff)

Around 10% of all hospital beds in England are occupied by someone with Diabetes. Does your Trust provide high quality care to people with Diabetes Mellitus?

Advanced Leaders Course

The Advanced Leaders Programme trains healthcare professionals with established expertise in diabetes to facilitate and teach the University of Warwick assessed and accredited courses in their local district.

Ethical Issues in Transplantation and Organ Donation

This day-long course offers participants an opportunity to develop their understanding of a range of important and complex ethical issues that they may encounter within transplantation.