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World Diabetes Day 2018


World Diabetes Day is an annual event that aims both to raise awareness of the condition and to increase our understanding of what can cause it and how to prevent it. Here at WMS, we offer a range of programmes in diabetes throughout the year that aim to provide those working with diabetes patients with the essential knowledge and skills needed to provide exemplary health care and make a tangible difference in this rising area of concern.

saran2.jpgInterview with Stephen Lawrence

Dr Stephen Lawrence, principal teaching fellow, has been a member of our diabetes teaching team since 2012, leading on the Certificate for Diabetes Care and providing support on some of our other diabetes modules. We caught up with him to find out what interests him about diabetes and why he believes education in this area is so important.

Diabetes education at WMS


What if you could play a pivotal role in providing diabetes care that makes a real difference to patients and helps to tackle the rising costs in the NHS?

Here at Warwick Medical School we offer a wide range of courses to help you do just that, from 'Diabetes in Pregnancy' to 'Optimising Glycaemic Control'. Find out more

NICE Guidelines One Year On


In this webinar recording, Dr Stephen Lawrence discusses the basic principles surrounding the NICE diabetes guidelines and looks at some of the changes that have taken place as a result over the last year. He goes on to discuss how these might have an impact on the work of healthcare professionals moving forwards.

Managing Older People with Diabetes


Many older people with diabetes have significant co-morbidities and cognitive and mobility impairments, meaning that management according to the recommendations of NICE guidelines might not be suitable. Professor Roger Gadsby MBE discusses possible solutions to these challenges in this webinar recording.