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Aims and Learning Outcomes

Please note that these are the generic aims and outcomes which apply in broad terms to all Masters degrees at WMS.

They need to be interpreted in relation to the specific aims and outcomes of your particular course of study.

During the module, you will
  • Develop your intellectual abilities using theoretical perspectives and drawing on current experience and previous experiential learning
  • Be exposed to critical analysis of key issues of the topic through reference to the research literature and experience as a researcher
  • Develop your knowledge and understanding of research methods and principles
  • Develop research skills to enable you to utilise research findings in their academic and professional work, and to have the skills to support their study at Masters dissertation level
  • Considerable in-depth skills in terms of education and life-long learning; research; critical thinking and reasoning; and analysis and synthesis of information
  • A clear understanding of the different methods and approaches to data collection depending on the research questions, and their relative values to a research enquiry
  • In-depth and extensive capabilities in the analysis and synthesis of new and past evidence on the topic, as demonstrated and applied to their area of research
  • Skills and expertise in academic writing, scholarship and authorship, including skills of referencing and the production of reference list
  • Literature searching skills, together with discrimination skills in relation to the appropriateness and relevance of available evidence to support academic reasoning
  • Skills and knowledge in the analysis and interpretation of data from a specific enquiry
  • Confidence in applying dissemination skills to small groups of peers, of ideas and arguments in areas of new knowledge
  • The knowledge and skills to design, plan, conduct, and complete a significant piece of research