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Aims and Learning Outcomes

You will develop knowledge and skills in the field of health professional-patient communication and in relation to the teaching of effective health professional-patient communication

    Learn to
    • Demonstrate the critical understanding of current models of communication skills teaching and their application in clinical contexts
    • Communicate sensitively and effectively with patients and carers in complex and challenging clinical scenarios
    • Develop self-awareness and confidence in identifying and dealing with psychological distress in patients and carers
    • Understand the underlying theoretical models relating to effective clinical communication
    • Evaluate their own teaching, employing appropriate methodologies and demonstrating critical understanding of the relationship between theory and practice
    • Demonstrate the skills of independent learning required for ongoing development of both their clinical and teaching practice
    Course Structure
    • The module is taught as two three-day intensive study blocks comprising experiential exercises, small group work and discussion
    • The first block aims to develop the knowledge and skills of participants so that they are aware of current models of doctor-patient communication and are able to put the related skills into practice when communicating across a number of more challenging patient and relative scenarios
    • The second block aims to develop participants teaching skills by exposing them to current methods and directions in the teaching and learning of effective health professional-patient communication. Participants will practise the skills related to effective communication skills teaching
    • In addition, participants are expected to undertake a simulated consultation both pre and post module. This will be arranged at Warwick Medical School and participants will be notified of dates prior to each occasion


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