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Ethics, Jurisprudence, Mental Health & Society


Bill Fulford

4,000 word essay

CATS: 20


Traditional courses in medical ethics are structured around 'issues' (such as consent, confidentiality and resource allocation)
By contrast, this module investigates ethical issues as they arise at key stages of the clinical process (psychopathology, classification, diagnosis and aetiology)
  • This clinically based structure reflects the fact that, in mental health, ethical issues (ie. issues of value) are endemic rather than being confined just to issues of treatment choice.

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  • Mon 24 Sep '18
    24/09 - 28/09: Essentials of Clinical Education ( Cohort A)
    24/09 - 26/09: Induction
    Tue 25 Sep '18
    25/09 - 26/09: Clinical Examination Skills (A)
    Wed 26 Sep '18
    Nurses Day
    Mon 01 Oct '18
    01/10 - 05/10: Understanding Research & Critical Appraisal in Health Care (A)
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