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Aims and Learning Outcomes

Learn to
  • Develop or provide relevant Additional Services (such as cervical screening and contraception) and Enhanced Services (such as chlamydia screening or sexual health) as specified in the General Medical Services and other relevant contracts
  • Develop an integrated and evidence-based approach to the provision of sexual health care, both in the consultation and at a practice or organisational level
  • Emphasis is placed on self-directed learning, with a total of seven days classroom teaching within the six month course
  • Assessment includes an MCQ, an OSCE, two assignments and submission of records of clinical care
  • You can work towards the NHSCSP Certificate
  • The course consists of five units taught over seven days of study, and an examination day
  • Away from the University, you are expected to undertake self-directed learning, as guided by the tutors on the course
  • Successful completion of the examinations and accompanying coursework earn you 40 CATS credits at level 4
  • Successful students can be awarded a Post Graduate Award in the Delivery of Sexual Health, or can use the credits towards other appropriate post graduate qualifications
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