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The Principles of Orthodontic Therapy

Gain an understanding of occlusion and malocclusion, the principles of tooth movement, the aims and limitations of orthodontic treatment; the taking of orthodontic records and the core biomaterials knowledge to allow correct manipulation of materials used in the practice of orthodontics
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This module consists of five sections:

  • The Principles of Orthodontics
    • Occlusion, malocclusion, classification and aetiology of malocclusion
    • Dental anomalies
    • Tooth movement
    • Force application and Anchorage
    • Orthodontic appliance systems and their mechanical principles
    • Risks and benefits and limitations of orthodontic treatment
  • Clinical Records
    • Record keeping written assessment records and medical history
    • Photographs, study models and radiographs
    • Impression technique, occlusal records, gnathological facebow readings
    • Laboratory work with impressions, casting, basing, and trimming orthodontic models
    • Radiography and Cephalometric analysis
  • Orthodontic indices and clinical governance
  • Dental biomaterials science
    • Materials and mechanics
  • Orthodontic Instruments
    • Identification, selection of appropriate instruments, use of equipment and instruments safely maintenance of instruments
    • Stock control of orthodontic consumables hardwear, materials and medicaments

Key Facts


Siobhan Flood / Katie Robertson


Dr Liz Hopkins

30 minute written paper
1 hr practical test
Competency assessments

Core/Optional: Core

CATS: 12

Code: MD925

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