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Removable Orthodontic Appliances

Gain core knowledge of removable appliances, headgear and functional appliances to allow their correct use, adjustment and treatment monitoring


This module consists of three sections:

Removable appliances
  • Role of removable appliances in orthodontic treatment. advantages and disadvantages, components of an appliance, construction of an appliance
  • Different types and uses of appliances
  • Fitting and adjustment of appliances
Extra Oral Traction
  • EOT principles of use and directional forces, components of Extra Oral Traction
  • Identify types and describe the fitting of safety headgear
Functional appliances
  • History types uses

Other options

Key Facts

Cheryl Grantham/Gaynor Mercer


Dr Liz Hopkins

30 minute written paper
1 hour practical assessment

Core/Optional: Core

CATS: 12

Code: MD926

How to apply

Fees and Funding