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Fixed Orthodontic Appliances

The Fixed Orthodontic Appliances module helps you gain a thorough knowledge of fixed appliances. The module covers oral health and pain control during orthodontic treatment, as well as how to manage orthodontic emergencies.

This module consists of five sections:

  • Fixed appliances
    • Indications for fixed appliances, advantages and disadvantages different types history and uses of appliances
    • Bracket recognition Bonding Banding Technique
    • Fixed appliance placement
    • Archwires and auxiliaries materials and welding attachment
  • Fixed Appliance Removal
    • De-bonding technique and adhesive removal, final records and retention appliances
  • Oral Health in relation to the care and management of appliances
    • Effect of diet on oral health and role of the orthodontic team in improving diet to reduce liability to cause caries and the potential risks involved with orthodontic appliances
  • Pain and Anxiety Control
    • Fear and anxiety management, control of pain, empathy towards the orthodontic patient
  • Orthodontic Emergency Care
    • What classifies as an orthodontic emergency, how to identify damaged appliances, take appropriate action, give appropriate advice and/ or refer to orthodontist if beyond therapists level of expertise

Key Facts

Cheryl Grantham/Gaynor Mercer/Claire Runaghan

Tel:+44 (0)2476 522474/150453

Course type: Module

Course Leaders: Liz Hopkins

Credits: 20

Module Code: MD927

Assessment: 1 hr written paper
1 hr practical assessment
Competency assessments

How to apply: Apply online

Available on which courses?

Core module: Orthodontic Therapy (Diploma)

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