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Interdisciplinary Orthodontic Care

Gain knowledge of how orthodontics interfaces with other dental specialities, be able to use Information Technology within all aspects of orthodontics and work as part of a team

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This module consists of three sections:

  • Interdisciplinary Care
    • Orthodontic/orthognathic surgery
    • Misplaced Canines
    • Restorative/orthodontic interface
    • Craniofacial anomalies, classification, aetiology and prevalence of cleft lip and palate
  • Behavioural Sciences, communication skills and health information
    • IT skills
    • Communication skills and working in a team understanding psychological issues relevant to the care of orthodontic patients
    • Patient compliance
  • Comprehensive Oral Care
    • Working as part of the dental team, interpretation of and working to treatment plan
    • Role of the orthodontic therapist within the dental team
    • Provision of Orthodontic services in UK

Key Facts

George Hill / Amerjit Singh


Dr Liz Hopkins

90 minute written paper

Core/Optional: Core

CATS: 12

Code: MD928

Other options:

Diploma route: Diploma in Orthodontic Therapy

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