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Aims and Learning Outcomes

The course introduces you to key patient safety concepts by approaching the topic from a systems perspective and by embedding it into a wider framework of clinical systems improvement and patient safety risk management.

It is suitable for clinicians and healthcare professionals who are involved in service improvement and patient safety initiatives including managers, clinical leads for governance and safety, clinical governance teams and executive directors from all healthcare organisations.

An understanding of basic patient safety principles is expected before commencing the course.

  • Understand patient safety as a scientific discipline, and being able to adopt a systematic approach to analysing, assessing and controlling patient safety risks in order to achieve reliable and safe care for patients
  • Compare and contrast methodologies and practices across disciplinary borders and to learn from other specialities and high-risk industries
  • Small-group lectures, guided reading, structured debate, videos and group exercises will support your learning throughout this course. You will be encouraged to draw upon your own experience and apply this during the teaching sessions
Learn to
  • Understand the mechanisms underlying human error
  • Understand that any productive process relies on human, technical and organisational resources
  • Evaluate the usability and utility of technology within a given setting
  • Identify and evaluate the underlying organisational factors that may produce adverse events
  • Describe and characterise adverse events from an integrated systems perspective
  • Apply the integrated systems perspective to the analysis of adverse events and near-misses from within their own work environment
  • Apply principles of clinical risk management to the identification, assessment and mitigation of hazards in their own work environment
  • Have an awareness of common adverse events in healthcare settings and of a selection of typical mitigation means
  • Look across the borders of disciplines and learn from other specialties and contexts


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Please note
If you are studying on the MSc Medical Leadership please contact Sue Peach to book a place on this module