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Aims and Learning Outcomes

Learn to

  • Promote a critical awareness of the theory and practice of modern orthodontics and its scope for use in primary care dental practice
  • Provide hands-on experience in orthodontic case assessment, diagnosis, treatment planning and treatment

Within the overall Masters course:

  • Ensure the safe and effective management of orthodontic treatment within the primary care dental practice environment
  • Provide the basis for advanced training in clinical work
  • Enhance the development of students' independent and creative thinking, their problem-solving skills and their ability to communicate effectively with both patients and colleagues

By the end of the module, you should be able to demonstrate:

  • A theoretical knowledge of the principles of orthodontic dentistry
  • The ability to apply anatomical principles to the field of orthodontics
  • The ability to apply physiological principles to the field of orthodontics
  • The ability to analyse and interpret scientific papers in a critical way
  • The acquisition of practical orthodontic skills
  • The ability to use orthodontic systems
  • The ability to undertake case assessment, diagnosis and treatment planning
  • The ability to satisfy medico-legal requirements
  • The ability to apply functional anatomy in orthodontic tooth movements
  • The ability in written communication skills
  • The ability in oral communication skills
  • The ability to use information technology
  • Manual dexterity

Key Facts


Siobhan Flood / Katie Robertson


Dr Richard Cure

Duration: 10 days

4 written assignments

Core/Optional: Core

CATS: 60

Code: MD947

How to apply