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Workshop Day 1

Aims to :

  • introduce the concept of bone metabolism, physiology of tooth movement, anchorage and friction
  • provide an opportunity for  case assessment, treatment planning and patient selection
  • introduce risk management with regard to Orthodontics
  • be aware of medico- legal implications and responsibilities of Orthodontic treatment
  • show advantages and disadvantages to Orthodontic treatment
  • promote a general awareness of modern Orthodontic treatment within general dental practice to both patients and the dental team
  • promote an awareness of Orthodontic treatment as an alternative to other Dental disciplines and as part of multi-disciplinary treatment
  • encourage critical reading and assessment of research papers and publications
  • provide group interactive learning in a structured manner


Following Day 1 dental surgeons should be able to:

  • motivate and instruct the dental team with regard to Orthodontic treatment
  • promote Orthodontic treatment to their patients and generate potential  cases
  • identify and select simple cases suitable for Orthodontic treatment
  • be able to present treatment options to patients
  • generate a patient consent letter that complies with medico-legal requirements and good practice
  • describe in detail and understand the principles of bone metabolism and the physiology of Orthodontic tooth movement and conditions required to achieve and maintain it in a functioning occlusion.
  • understand the contra-indications of Orthodontic treatment