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Workshop Day 4

Aims to:

  • outline the various classes of malocclusion
  • encourage identification of the aetiology of the malocclusion
  • introduce the use of Orthodontic Indices
  • provide the opportunity to evaluate the aims of correction of the malocclusion
  • provide knowledge of factors which may limit the success of treatment
  • outline features of malocclusion which render the case particularly difficult to treat
  • provide the opportunity for group interactive learning in a structured manner


Following Day 4 dental surgeons should be able to:

  • apply a knowledge of  occlusion  to clearly classify a presenting case in Orthodontic terms and identify all presenting malocclusions and classify them
  • apply knowledge to analyse the aetiology of malocclusions
  • identify advanced cases outside their capabilities and beyond the scope of the training program.
  • Be able to use relevant Orthodontic indices