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Aims and Learning Outcomes


  • To enable students to formulate and implement a safe and predictable treatment programme, involving the identification and application of standard and advanced treatment modalities
  • To develop an in-depth understanding of, and the ability to apply, the diagnostic and case management skills essential to the successful management of standard and advanced orthodontic cases
  • To contribute to the aims of the MSc in Orthodontic Dentistry by ensuring that students develop their clinical practice through a structured learning experience.

Learn to

  • Demonstrate whole patient care, including the formulation of a case assessment and an initial diagnosis
  • Critically evaluate treatment options and discuss these clearly with the patient
  • Formulate a definitive treatment programme supported by clinical data, and relevant written treatment plan
  • Effectively implement all stages of the treatment programme
  • Understand the legal and ethical principles underlying patient care and treatment
  • Evaluate the outcome of treatment on completion of the treatment programme against the initial stated objectives, and develop and implement a future clinical pathway for the long term monitoring and maintenance of the case

Key Facts



Dr Richard CureLink opens in a new window

10 cases
OSCE and Viva


CATS: 60

Code: MD949

Other options

MSc route: MSc Orthodontics

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