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Clinical Endodontics

This module is designed as a foundation to meet the learning needs of general dental practitioners who wish to enhance their clinical skills in Endodontics and offer their patients an extended range of treatment options. It will build on foundation knowledge and skills undertaken and developed in the Principles of Endodontics module.

Students will be taught through a variety of teaching methods and participate in lectures, tutorials, webinars, hands-on workshops, online forums and self-directed learning. Students will receive support to think creatively and independently, to solve problems, to exercise judgment, and to communicate clearly and effectively with patients and colleagues.

Module aims

The module aims to give the students the theoretical knowledge and applied practice of Endodontics (including primary, retreatment and surgical cases):

  • To deliver appropriate holistic treatment care planning.
  • To apply the assessment, diagnostic and case management skills essential for the successful management of endodontic cases.
  • To demonstrate an understanding and application of clinical governance, legislative responsibilities and professional ethics in clinical endodontic practice.

Course structure
  • 10 full-day study days at Warwick Medical School
  • 1-day cadaveric surgical day
  • Weekly online webinars
  • Two days hands-on workshops/ skills sessions at the University‚Äôs state-of-the-art training centre in Leamington Spa
  • Two observational days in endodontic clinical practice

Please note: The study days, workshops, webinars and observational days are spread across the academic year and are not held consecutively.

Learning outcomes

1. To critically appraise the behavioural, clinical and technical procedures involved in the treatment of patients requiring endodontic care.

2. To show professional judgement to implement clinical solutions in response to problems by developing an evidence based treatment plan and taking a holistic approach to solving problems and designing treatment plans.

3. To critically appraise the scope and limitations of the various clinical techniques and procedures used in endodontics, demonstrating an appreciation of risk analysis in whole care planning.

4. To develop an integrated insight into how the development and impact of applied knowledge and skills is of value and relevance to the workplace.

5. To recognise and manage behavioural and related social factors which affect oral health.

6. To co-ordinate overall treatment and care of patients and appreciate when it is appropriate to refer to a specialist in this or another area or a dental care professional.

7. To demonstrate the communication skills necessary to support patients and to translate changes in clinical practice informed by clinical audit and research to the commissioners of oral healthcare through critical analyses of published data from clinical and laboratory based studies in endodontics.

8. To critically assess scientific papers and available evidence such as guidelines using a variety of information sources to direct clinical practice.

Key Facts


Dolores Towers / Anna Scott

Tel: 02476 522035


  • Portfolio of 10 clinical cases
  • 30-minute oral discussion on case presentations presented in the Case Portfolio
  • 1 x 3,000-word assignment

Core/Optional: Core

CATs: 60

Code: TBC

How to apply