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Aims and Learning Outcomes

Learn to

  • Understand the principles of endodontics at the forefront of knowledge in the specialism
  • Evaluate the sterilisation/disinfection procedures for prevention of cross infection in line with evidence-based practice
  • Critically assess the different hand instrumentation techniques in cleaning and shaping of the root canal system with reference to in-vitro studies and clinical data
  • Critically assess the antimicrobial properties and the effects on tooth structure of root canal irrigants and medicaments advocated historically and supported by the current evidence-base
  • Understand the rationale for management of complex pulpal and periradicular diseases and problems
  • Critically evaluate the different canal obturation techniques including cold lateral condensation and thermo plasticised gutta-percha techniques
  • Use a range of study skills required for Masters level study including; literature searching, critical appraisal, academic writing and referencing


  • Endodontologic Science
  • Treatment Planning
  • Optimal Anaesthesia for the Endodontic Therapy
  • Hand Files
  • ELM
  • Goals of cleaning and shaping
  • Torque control motors
  • Rotary Instrumentation - the NITI Jamboree
  • Rotary Instrumentation - the NITI Jamboree part II
  • Rotary Instrumentation - the NITI Jamboree part III
  • Chemical Disinfection
  • Root canal dressing
  • Root canal obturation
  • Management of 'flare ups'
  • The postendodontic pain management concept
  • Antibiotics in endodontic therapy
  • The postendodontic rehabilitation
  • Adhesive Science
  • Previous RCT treated tooth and optimised bleaching approach
  • Endo-periodontolgic conundrum (from GBR/GTR to Crown lengthening)
  • Endo-prosthetic conundrum: Previous RCT treated tooth – integration in prosthetic concepts
  • Occlusal concepts for RCT treated teeth – rehabilitation concepts
  • Endodontics for the deciduous tooth
  • The caries profunda concept
  • Direct pulp capping
  • Pulpectomy
  • Pulpotomy
  • Apexification
  • Temporisation
  • The Endo-Implantology conundrum

Key Facts


Dolores Towers/ Anna Scott

Tel: 02476 522035


  • Two written assignments
  • Poster presentation

Core/Optional: Core

CATs: 60

Code: TBC

How to apply