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Aims and Learning Outcomes

This module is for multidisciplinary Health Care Professionals and aims to enable students to critically explore and analyse the key theoretical and clinical issues in the psychosocial management of children and young people with diabetes.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of psychosocial development in childhood and adolescence and the impact of living with a serious condition such as type 1 diabetes on development
  • Identify and contextualise maladaptive responses by children/ adolescents and their families and outline their potential impact on diabetes self-management
  • Critically appraise existing psycho-educational interventions aimed at children and adolescents and evaluate their potential usefulness in the management of diabetes in children and young people
  • Develop a evidence based strategies for responding to challenges to effective working with children and families (e.g. impact of discrimination or depression, special needs in ethnic populations)
  • Critically evaluate clinical practice by presenting a suitable case study, describing the main challenges to successful self-management and identifying evidence based solutions
  • Understand principles of questionnaire development and be able construct an evidence based questionnaire relevant to the student’s own practice