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Aesthetic Surgery

This module will provide healthcare professionals with the ability to critically evaluate the ethics, culture, safety and value of established and new aesthetic techniques.

Contact: Therese Lepicard

Course type: Module

Available as a Stand-alone Course? Yes

Course Leaders: Rana Das Gupta and Dalvi Humzah

Duration: 5 days

Credits: 20

Module Code: MD984

Assessment: 2,000 word essay
2 hour exam

Available on which courses?

Future course dates:

End Point Assessment – Advanced Practice

Special Incident Management

Topics covered will include:

  • History of aesthetic procedures
  • Philosophy of aesthetics
  • Beauty and art in aesthetics/culture and ethnicity
  • A critical evaluation of the ethics of aesthetic procedures
  • Psychological evaluations and expectations of outcomes
  • Ageing and Expectations
  • Medicolegal aspects of aesthetics
  • Fat/Weight Loss; consideration to post-bariatric surgical problems
  • Detailed anatomy in relation to aesthetics


Procedures covered during the course include:

  • Non-surgical:
    • Botulinum toxins
      • Science and use of toxins
      • Use in aesthetics - dynamic muscles, hyperhidrosis and other areas
    • Dermal fillers
      • Temporary, longer lasting, permanent - associated science and uses
      • Mesotherapy - concepts
    • Lasers
      • Background/uses/new modalities - fractional etc
      • Concept of Laser lipolysis
    • Collagen induction
      • Dermaroller/Dermastamp
      • Uses in scar modulation - scientific basis
    • Radiofrequency
      • Associated with other uses
      • Liposuction
    • Dermatological/topical treatments
      • Tretinoin/skin peels etc
      • Dermatological concepts
  • Surgical (including minimally-invasive procedures and studies in relevant regional anatomy):
    • Head and neck
      • Facelifts
      • Necklifts
      • Rhinoplasty
      • Cheeks and Chins - Oromaxillofacial techniques
      • Eyelids and the forehead
    • Torso: Breast, abdomen and genitalia
      • Female breast augmentation/reduction/mastoplexy
      • Male gynaecomastia
      • Liposuction; simple, power-assisted, ultrasonic and laser-assisted
      • The weight reduction patient
    • Limbs
      • Brachiaplasty
      • Thigh and buttock enhancement

This module aims to provide the healthcare professional with the ability to critically evaluate the ethics, culture, safety and value of established and new aesthetic treatments.

By the end of the module, you will be able to:

  • Critically evaluate the guiding principles relating to the evaluation of the safety of aesthetic treatments
  • Critically evaluate the ethics surrounding non-essential medical intervention for aesthetic enhancement
  • Critically appraise the biology of ageing in different tissues and relate this to the aesthetic procedures
  • Appraise the scientific basis of surgical and non-surgical procedures and evaluate their effectiveness in achieving an aesthetic goal with a review and critical evaluation of key related literature
  • Critically formulate an opinion of contemporary medico-legal risk in relation to aesthetic techniques