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Reproductive Health in the Community


Sam Rowlands

Duration: 4 days

4000 word essay

CATS: 20


An introduction to the subject of Sexual and Reproductive Health in the Community
  • Gain a clear, theoretical understanding of the issues of contraception, abortion and fertility as central to the study of sexual health
  • Also provides an independent inrtoduction for medical and other professionals who do not wish to undertake the full MSc course

More Aims and Learning outcomes

Next Course

This module will not be running during the academic year 2012/13.

    Mon 24 Sep '18
    24/09 - 28/09: Essentials of Clinical Education ( Cohort A)
    24/09 - 26/09: Induction
    Tue 25 Sep '18
    25/09 - 26/09: Clinical Examination Skills (A)
    Wed 26 Sep '18
    Nurses Day
    Mon 01 Oct '18
    01/10 - 05/10: Understanding Research & Critical Appraisal in Health Care (A)
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