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Aims and Learning Outcomes

Type 1 diabetes is the most common form of diabetes presenting in children.

The module gives multidisciplinary Health Care Professionals the necessary knowledge and skills to provide an excellence in care with which to support both children and their parents at the outset of a lifetime of living with diabetes.

The module also informs on the pathophysiology of childhood diabetes, treatment regimens and both acute and chronic complications. Medico-legal issues, parental rights and responsibilities and an introduction to the adolescent living with diabetes are also presented.

Learn to
  • Demonstrate enhanced knowledge and understanding of Type 1 diabetes necessary for caring for children and supporting families who are living with diabetes
  • Demonstrate critical understanding of the role of genetics in the predisposition to Type 1 diabetes
  • Extrapolate the evidence for optimum control in the prevention of long term complications
  • Explore and evaluate the stages of the educational process specific to children and adolescents and reflect on the differing needs of children with diabetes, their carers and their families
  • Critically evaluate guidelines in the context of paediatric diabetes service development
  • Respond competently to the requirements for implementation of the Children’s National Service Framework standards and delivery strategies and NICE guidelines, or those appropriate to overseas Health Professionals.