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Aims and Learning Outcomes

The aim of this module is to develop and enhance self-directed learning methods

  • Negotiate your personal learning outcomes, within the scope of the module's general aims and outcomes (below), through a learning contract. The learning is governed by this individually negotiated learning contract and will be supported by an academic tutor and, if appropriate, a workplace mentor
  • Assessment outcomes will be decided at the beginning of the contract and monitored at regular intervals during the contract process
  • The evidence of learning will be a substantial piece of academic work which will "make a difference" to the student's professional practice
  • In-depth knowledge, confidence and ability in designing, managing, and completing a learning contract in a self identified and negotiated area of practice and learning
  • The ability to analyse, interpret and apply the learning objectives for this module and produce evidence that will identify that those objectives have been met
  • The skills and confidence to develop learning strategies and partnership skills in relation to their own learning and to move into the position of leading that process
  • Demonstrate to a high degree the knowledge skills and expertise of academic attainment made possible through personal learning and tutorial support
  • The ability to seek meaning and understanding and see things in different ways through a negotiated learning contract
  • An acute awareness and understanding of their own learning processes through analysis, application, evaluation and reflection.
Learning methods and activities

The precise combination of methods and activities will be agreed as part of the learning contract, but may include, for example:

  • Attendance at some taught sessions and/or course(s) (which may not themselves be accredited)
  • Working in a library or on the internet (eg. to review research literature)
  • Tutorials with academic staff (eg. to review progress or discuss drafts)
  • Meetings/interviews with service providers
  • Meetings/interviews with other 'experts'
  • Alternative workplace experience (eg. shadowing of other colleagues and/or experts)

Mrs Carmel Parrott

T: 44 (0)24 7652 4625