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Aims and Learning Outcomes

Develop your skills in critical appraisal and evidence based practice of child health and an ecological and child-centred approach to the practice of child health

The learning outcomes of this module are structured around the three domains of the NHS Leadership Qualities Framework, which will be used as an overall framework for this module. 

Learn to:


  • Understand what leadership is and critique different models of leadership including the NHS Leadership Qualities Framework;

Setting Direction

  • Analyse the role of the Children, Young People and Maternity NSF, Every Child Matters, the Darzi Review and other national policies in driving child health services in this country
  • Identify the political and service drivers within their own organisation or setting and use these to develop and lead child health services
  • Undertake a STEP analysis in relation to specific child health services and use this to set strategy and direction for future development and delivery;

Delivering the Service

  • Critique different strategies for delivering child health services
  • Understand, reflect on and analyse organisational cultures
  • Reflect on the way teams function, assessing the complementary roles of different team members and identifying strengths and weaknesses within child health teams
  • Encourage and promote the development of other members of the child health team
  • Develop and use service standards to evaluate and improve on local child health services
  • Use their own knowledge, skills and motivation to influence local or national change;

Personal Qualities

  • Recognise and value the contribution they make to child health services in their own organisation or setting
  • Reflect on their own personalities and leadership styles and use this awareness to draw on their strengths and to set plans for personal development
  • Identify and use strategies for self-management and support, including time management, peer support and supervision
  • Use their own motivations to drive for improvement and to encourage others in serving children and families

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