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Aims and Learning Outcomes

This course aims:

  • To enable students to identify and understand the environmental impact of health care services and the impact of environmental change on health and health care.
  • To equip students with the knowledge and skills to change and adapt health care provision both to reduce its environmental impact and to respond to health issues resulting from environmental change.


Learn about:
  • Climate change, environmental sustainability and biodiversity, and the impact on public health, inequalities and health care
  • The potential for improving the environment, public health and health care systems through attention to issues of environmental sustainability
  • Policy, ethics, the professions, and social movement as they related to environmental sustainability and health care
  • How to use and assess carbon footprinting methodology and other relevant assessment methodologies (e.g. waste management assessment) for a health care settin
  • Professional skills including, information gathering, teaching and learning including peer to peer learning, organisational development and systems improvement to take account of environmental sustainability and health care
  • How to include environmental sustainability as one aspect within the process of clinical evidence assessment and review for clinical decision making, guideline development and health care service prioritisation

Environmental Sustainability

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