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Student Feedback

Very clear presentations given by very dynamic people.  A valuable insight into PPI, the huge benefits to be gained from doing it well and the potential pitfalls

Stimulated me to go back and explore these issues within my employing trust and clinical area

Great mixture of people, good debate and discussion

Probably the most relevant and useful teaching programme I have attended, it is helped that it is delivered within such lovely surroundings

Great facilities and organisation, great detailed programme, lots of ideas to take away and confirmation of what we are already doing

The programme was well organised and efficiently supported.  The aims of the group were met and useful tips and tricks were shared at every session

Really enjoyable, renewed my enthusiasm, sparked lots of things for me, will definitely be researching some of the points mentioned.  PCT Case Study, research and reaching everyone sessions particularly good

Lecturer very committed to the module and tries to meet needs of participants.   Overall good mix of presentations

Excellent facilitator