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Teaching Faculty

Biographical information about the Module Leader:

Professor Jonathan Tritter, Special Adviser on PPI, NHS Centre for Involvement

Jonathan Tritter is Special Advisor on PPI at the NHS Centre for Involvement and Professorial Fellow in the Institute of Governance and Public Management, Warwick Business School. After completing degrees at the University of Chicago and a doctorate at Oxford University he spent three years as a postdoctoral research fellow at the Social Sciences Research Centre at South Bank University before joining the University of Warwick in 1995. The author of more than 50 publications his main research interests relate to public participation and lay experience in health and policy making particularly in relation to cancer, mental health and environmental policy. He is a Docent at the Department of Sociology, University of Helsinki, Visiting Senior Research Fellow Finnish National Research and Development Centre for Welfare and Health and Visiting Professor at the Finnish Environment Institute, Research Policy programme. As Associate Director of the University of Warwick, Institute of Health, he coordinates the User/University Teaching and Research Action Partnership in Health and Social Care which supports user involvement in research and teaching across the University.  His recent publications include Improving Cancer Services Through Patient Involvement (2003), (with Lester and Sorohan) Providing ‘good enough’ primary care for people with serious mental illness (2005) (which was awarded the Royal College of General Practitioners and Boots The Chemists Research Paper of the Year), (with McCallum) The Snakes and Ladders of User Involvement: Moving beyond Arnstein (2006) and (with Anderson and Wilson) Healthy Democracy: Involving people in health and social care.

Biographical information about Module contributors

Helen Bayliss, Assistant Research Fellow, NHS Centre for Involvement

Helen fulfils a diverse array of tasks to support the work of the NHS Centre for Involvement's Research and Best Practice Domain in identifying, analysing and interpreting evidence on effective Patient and Public Involvement. This work involves developing an evidence base for activity in Patient and Public Involvement. Prior to this she was a Research Associate at the Centre for Evidence-Based Conservation, undertaking systematic reviews in conservation and environmental management. Helen has a dual background in biological sciences and information science, and is a qualified librarian.

Ian Brittain, Director of Communications, NHS Centre for Involvement

As Director of Communications for the NHS Centre for Involvement, Ian is responsible for providing strategic leadership to internal and external communications, media relations and event management. Ian previously worked as Director of Communications for two Primary Care Trusts and co-developed an interactive DVD and CD-rom designed to help facilitate understanding of the various layers of community involvement and different ways to consult with patients and the public. He was also involved in the implementation of ‘Shadow’ Patients Forums and is a member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations.

Dr Christine Harrison, Chair School of Health and Social Studies, University of Warwick

Christine Harrison is Chair of Department and Associate Professor, in the School of Health and Social Studies. She is a qualified and experienced social worker and has co-ordinated and taught child care and child protection social work at qualifying and post-qualifying levels for the last 15 years. She regularly teaches on programmes for other professionals, including health professionals, in the Medical School and elsewhere. Chris’s practice, teaching and research interests lie in the fields of child care, child abuse and child protection. Research related to physical, emotional and sexual violence towards women and children, and the issues this raises for promoting their safety, is a theme running throughout various aspects of her work over recent years.

Dr Sandy Herron-Marx, Operational Lead for Learning and Research NHS Centre for Involvement

Dr Sandy Herron-Marx leads the operational aspects of the Research and Learning Domains in the NCI and supports thestrategic Leads. She has carried out a range of PPI related research and development activities and has a particular expertise in PPI and learning. She has written both academic and practice papers in the field, secured competitiveresearch and development funding, leads on consumer involvement on a number of national funding panels, provides PPI leadership for a local research ethics committee and supports the development of PPI at a strategic level in a number of NHS Trust R&D and Learning Directorates and other national organisations. Sandy has over 10 years experience as a university lecturer, reviews for international journals and supervises a number of MPhil/PhD students.

José King – Policy Officer, Health Care Commission

José King (Mrs) has held a range of posts within the NHS, including clinical auditor for a mental health service, researcher in a therapeutic community for people with personality disorders, and patient survey and complaints co-ordinator for a large acute trust. She joined the Commission for Health Improvement (CHI) in 2001, as an information analyst providing analytical support on a wide range of clinical governance reviews. She then took on the role of Project Officer for Patient and Public Involvement, a role that involved sharing with the NHS the ‘learning on PPI’ from CHI’s clinical governance reviews. Currently she is a policy officer for the Healthcare Commission’s Patient and Public Engagement Team, supporting the Healthcare Commission in its dual role of putting patients and the public at the heart of their work and ensuring that healthcare organisations themselves engage effectively and appropriately with patients and the public. She is also a visiting lecturer at the University of Westminster, teaching on the Data Structure and Information Management module of the MA in Applied Social and Market Research.

Dr Sophie Staniszewska: Strategic Lead for Research, NHS Centre for Involvement

Dr Sophie Staniszewska leads the research programme at the Centre for Involvement in collaboration with colleagues. She is seconded from the RCN Research Institute based at Warwick University where she leads a programme of research on patient experiences, evaluations and involvement. Sophie has carried out a range of externally funded studies looking at different aspects of users' experiences of healthcare. She chairs the Evidence, Knowledge and Learning Group of INVOLVE and is a member of the Main Group of INVOLVE. Sophie is Course Director for the Patient-Based Evidence module of the MSc in Evidence-Based Healthcare at Oxford University. Sophie reviews for a range of funding bodies and international journals and supervises a number of PhD students.

Dr Jayne Taylor: Strategic Lead for Learning, NHS Centre for Involvement

Jayne trained to be a nurse and then a health visitor, qualifying in 1980. She drifted into education in 1987, working as a lecturer, senior lecturer, Head of Nursing and then Dean of Health in 2000. Throughout this time she has been an active researcher and published books in the fields of child health and research. She returned to her NHS roots in 2003 and currently works three days a week as Assistant Director of Clinical Governance (Provider Services), Hertfordshire PCTs and is seconded to the NHS Centre for Involvement for two days a week to lead the learning agenda. (100 words) Lead EAP evaluation

Gareth Wall: Research and Information Advisor, Centre for Public Scrutiny

Gareth Wall is the Research and Information Adviser at the Centre for Public Scrutiny. He leads the Centre’s work on overview and scrutiny in local government and manages its online services. Recently Gareth has contributed to the Home Office’s draft guidance on scrutiny’s new roles resulting from the Police and Justice Act 2006.