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Principles & Delivery of Diabetes Care

An important foundation course for the Diabetes Postgraduate Programmes. Includes sessions on studying at masters level.



This module is not running in the 2010/11 academic year

What is Involved?

This module is intended to give students a clear understanding of the concepts and theories surrounding the issues of principles and delivery of diabetes care. The teaching and learning style is interactive, drawing on both the expert teachers and the experience of the student's. The module is offered as a FOUR DAY intensive study block.

We recommend that students who have not studied for a while start with this module as general study skills are included in the programme. These sessions are embedded in the curriculum and form an integral part of the course. These include reading reference material, masters level cognitive skills and critical reading.


  • to develop and enhance knowledge, skills and understanding of the principles underlying diabetes care
  • to develop the knowledge and skills in the organisation and delivery of high quality care, responsive to physical, emotional, psychological and social needs of people with diabetes.


  • demonstrate an in-depth understanding of the way diabetes teams and key players in local communities can be engaged in enhancing the quality of diabetes care
  • demonstrate a critical understanding of current thinking in diabetes treatments and management in line with National Service Frameworks and national & international guidelines
  • reflect on personal learning and apply that learning with team members, other health care professionals and people with diabetes
  • demonstrate an increased ability to evaluate the delivery of health care to people with diabetes, taking into account their ethnic backgrounds, cultures & beliefs and the role of other health care professionals
  • overcome barriers to the delivery of effective diabetes care that can be used in the implementation and management of change
  • show an advanced understanding of the complex issues of self management behaviours and their application to the clinical setting
  • demonstrate a critical appreciation of programmes and methods available in the education process, which may be used in response to differing needs of people with diabetes, their carers and families.

Course assessment

    A 4,000 word assignment is required to gain 20 CATS points from the module. This assignment will give evidence of more in-depth study, review of the literature and/or critical application of the knowledge and skills gained in the taught part of the module.


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