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WMS MRC Doctoral Training Partnership

MRC Doctoral Training Partnership

The IBR Programme

Our 4-year fully funded MRC DTP programme in Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research (IBR) will train you across the disciplines of life and physical sciences.

Students undertake a 1-year MSc course which combines taught modules and lab-based research projects, followed by a 3-year interdisciplinary PhD project, which can be co-designed by the student. The focus of PhD research is detecting, understanding and improving human health in one of the following three research themes:

Our DTP Community

We are constantly working to ensure the DTP is an inclusive, welcoming and supportive environment that enables students to flourish academically, personally and professionally. We welcome and encourage applications from students with diverse scientific backgrounds and especially from those groups under-represented in academia. We offer two ring-fenced studentships per year for students from under-represented groups.

Students and staff work in partnership on many aspects of the DTP, including hosting external speakers, organising annual conferences and social events, and acting upon student feedback and surveys.

Student view

The DTP enables you to pursue your scientific interests and discover new passions in fields you may not have been exposed to before. But most importantly, they introduce you to a community of like-minded students from different scientific backgrounds and really make you feel at home.

Skills & Career Development

The DTP provides a comprehensive personal development and skills training programme, building on training provided in the MSc year, which includes workshops and courses for enhancing scientific writing and presentations, to develop innovation and commercialisation skills and to promote team work, creativity and leadership.

The DTP also offers a Flexible Training Award to PhD students to fund individual advanced training workshops, industry and international placements, internships and career transition fellowships to support transition to next career.

Third year MRC DTP student Filipe tells us about his experiences on the course.