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Research Degree Symposiums

Each year, WMS holds symposiums for research students to showcase their research with their peers and with academics from across the school and university. Prizes are awarded for oral and poster presentations.

The annual symposium is an important part of the academic calendar and a great opportunity for students to share their findings with the wider academic community. Presentations cover a wide range of topics spanning the breadth of research undertaken by the school. Examples of previous presentations include:

  • Circadian Rhythms in Implantation
  • A systematic review of the outcomes reported in cardiac arrest clinical trials: the need for a core outcome set
  • Uptake of HPV vaccine in secondary schools in the West Midlands
  • The role of GPR43 in brown adipose tissue
  • Mums 4 Mums: Structured, Telephone-Based Peer-Support for Women Experiencing Postnatal Depression
  • Electrotonic coupling and electrical synaptic transmission in cortical interneurons of mice in vitro
  • Validation of a Novel Computer Algorithm for the Textural Classification of Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis - a Prospective Cohort Study