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Why WMS?


Why do a research degree with WMS?

By studying your research degree with us you will find yourself integrated into the School’s exciting and often ground breaking research. You will have the opportunity to help improve patient outcomes, change care pathways and improve service organisations. Change lives, make a difference.

Students at WMS complete their research from bench to bedside, closely supported by staff and a PGR team dedicated to building a supporting collegiate environment.

Interdisciplinary research:

WMS encourages those looking to do interdisciplinary research. Researchers collaborate widely across the University campus with a range of partners including:

  • School of Mathematics
  • School of Life Sciences
  • School of Sociology
  • School of Psychology

With the flexibility to study interdisciplinary modules, you will benefit from joint-working in highly reputable schools. Students doing a joint research degree will have supervisions from both departments. Currently, 24% of our research students have supervision from two or more departments.

Warwick Medical School is a collaborating partner in Doctoral Training Centres (DTC) across the University, and has research students involved in each DTC.

skillsSkills training and qualification:

Another benefit to students taking one of our research degrees is the opportunity to take the Postgraduate Certificate in Transferable Skills (PGCTSS). The PGCTSS is an accredited qualification specifically designed to enable you to:

  • Be more effective in your research
  • Maximise your talents in your future career
  • Gain training in relevant subjects, such as literature searching, presentation, writing and project management

In addition, research students at WMS have access to University of Warwick's Skills Programme, which provides a variety of training sessions, support and events.

Offering a wide range of subject areas, this training programme helps to provide research students with the necessary experiences and skills to complete their research study successfully and to prepare their future careers.


We provide designated study space within WMS for research students where you can work alongside research staff.

Gibbet Hill PGR Hub

The Gibbet Hill PGR Hub is open to all postgraduate students in Warwick Medical School and the School of Life Sciences. The Hub is a shared space for Postgraduate Research students to study and collaborate. Facilities are available for independent and group study, presentations, meetings and workshops. In addition to its study areas, the Postgrad Hub also acts as an informal space to chat and socialise with peers.


University Library

Throughout the university library, research students also have access to two valuable facilities: the Postgraduate Hub and the Wolfson Research Exchange.

The central Postgraduate Hub is a space for postgraduate students to access support, to work and share experiences together in the broadest context of postgraduate life, not just research life.

The Wolfson Research Exchange is a dedicated space for collaborative and interdisciplinary research for the whole Warwick research community.

The Research Exchange's website has a wealth of materials including "Research Match" where you can upload your profile details and find other researchers at The University of Warwick, as well as keeping updated on networks and events.