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How will I be assessed?


The BSc Health and Medical Sciences course includes a mix of examinations, written course work, presentations, posters and skill-based assessment types. Many modules have more than one assessment type, so that you can convey your understanding of module material in diverse ways as we all learn in different ways.

The assessment strategy of the course links to employability and further study. In year two of the course you will be able undertake two optional modules allowing you to diversify your studies and develop transferable skills. In years two and three of the course you will also have chance to work on a range of personal development areas, having access to the extensive careers and skills service at Warwick.

Student research lies at the heart of the course assessment strategy. In year one you will undertake a dedicated ‘Methods of Enquiry module’ and present your ideas for a small research project. In year two you will develop your research skills in reviewing evidence, forming a research hypothesis, identifying appropriate methodology, addressing ethical issues, and communicating your findings. In year three, the research theme culminates in a dissertation project supervised by an expert in your field of interest from across the Health and Medical Sciences. Your dissertation project will develop your skills in critical thinking, extended exploration of concepts, testing of theory and analysis, and presentation of findings.