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Graduate case studies

Molly, 2023 graduate: Medicine


BSc Health and Medical Sciences has prepared me to study Medicine: I will join the graduate Medicine programme at Warwick this Autumn.

While the Medical Sciences component of HMS is clearly relevant to the study of Medicine, the study of Health Sciences has also given me an in-depth understanding of local and global health problems, inequalities and access, and policy making that I hope will give me a perspective beyond clinical practice. Health Science contextualises and complements Medical Science, giving a holistic overview of health and wellbeing and the wider implications of disease and disability in individuals and populations.

Having an integrated understanding to medicine and health and related ethical considerations was a help to me during the process of applying to Medicine.

Filipa, 2023 graduate: Further study (Health Economics, Policy and Management)


My main reason for deciding to pursue a degree in Health and Medical Sciences was my interest in various health related topics, ranging from human biology and molecular bases of diseases to inequalities in healthcare and functioning of health systems.

During the course I became increasingly interested in understanding how medical resources were allocated and distributed both locally and globally, and how that influenced health outcomes of different populations. My interest in this topic was further enhanced after I participated in a volunteering placement in Ghana through the Warwick in Africa programme.

I am hoping to continue learning about healthcare from an international perspective, hence why I have accepted a place on a Master's programme in Health Economics, Policy and Management at Karolinska Institute, Sweden.

Holly, 2023 graduate: NHS graduate scheme


Following graduation I joined the NHS Graduate Management Training Scheme on the HR stream. My first placement, which I’m on right now, is as a Project Manager for Organisational Development and Engagement where I lead my own projects around eliminating pay gaps and addressing health inequalities.

The scheme also has education elements. Alongside working full time, I am completing a postgraduate diploma in human resource management (CIPD accredited) and a postgraduate certificate in healthcare leadership.

The BSc Health and Medical Sciences gave me an understanding about the complexities of the NHS and healthcare, which has helped me when transitioning from university life to working full time. It also provided me with the academic skills to be successful while completing postgraduate courses.

Freya, 2023 graduate: Further study (Therapeutic Radiography)


Since graduating I've started a Master's in Therapeutic Radiography, and I'd like to train to become a consultant therapeutic radiologist once I'm qualified.

I've found the transition to further study easier than I expected.

The BSc Health and Medical Sciences helped me prepare for what level 7 work was like by pushing my essay writing and presentation skills.