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Iman Haq


Name: Iman Haq

Year of study: Second year


College/sixth form subjects
: Biology, Chemistry, Maths

Why did you pick BSc Health and Medical Sciences?

I have known for a while that I wanted to go into scientific research and the HMS course gives me a large variety of subjects to choose from after graduation. The integration between the health sciences and the medical sciences gives for a new perspective on science and research and allowed me to make a more informed choice on what I enjoyed from a wide variety of options that more closed off courses may not be able to give.

Why did you chose to study at Warwick?

I fell in love with the campus during a visit with my parents during my A Level studies. I enjoyed that it was a campus university, giving it more of a community feel compared to a city university, and Warwick being a highly ranked, research focused institution helped me make my choice.

How have you found the course so far?

Despite it being a step up from A Levels, I have thoroughly enjoyed the course so far. It is the perfect balance of both academically challenging and rewarding. The lecturers are the best in their fields, giving us students clarity when learning from them. The balance between online and in person lectures gives us the freedom we require to partake in extracurriculars, which not only allows us to be a bigger part of the Warwick community but also plays a vital role in maintaining good mental health whilst studying here.

How have you found the change from sixth form to university?

University gives you more freedom and independence. It allows you to take charge of everything you do on your own schedule and will greatly improve your time management skills. It is the opportunity to truly discover who you are and to find your friends for life. Academically, it is more of learning in your own time than it being completely guided for you and finding the right work-life balance (everyone is different!) that will allow you to thrive at university. Personally, I have really enjoyed being able to live on my own as it makes me think about every aspect of my life differently. From my morning commute to campus down to what I would cook for myself for dinner, everything is self-controlled which is the biggest change moving to university.

What have you enjoyed most about the course so far?

I enjoy having a smaller cohort. It allows us to all become good friends within such a short space of time. The small group CBL (Case-Based Learning) sessions every week are my favourite part as the smaller groups allow for more engaging discussions and learning.

Have you been involved in any extra curricular activities/societies?

I have been a big part of the Warwick BioSoc and the Warwick Mixed Netball Clubs I spent a year on the exec for BioSoc as Social Secretary and then am currently the Vice President this year.

Do you have an idea of what you would like to do when you graduate?

I am interested in postgraduate study such as a master's in research or a taught master's here at Warwick or at another university.

Do you have any advice for people applying for university?

I would advise you to apply for a course that you will not only enjoy but which won’t limit your potential, and instead lets it flourish. Try not to stress and get overwhelmed. Although effort is needed, try to have as much fun as possible!

Finally, what three words would you use to describe your experience of studying at WMS?

Dynamic, fulfilling, fun!