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Welcome from the course director

davidWherever we look in the world, health and medical services are struggling to cope with rising demand and the increasing burden of disease. Advances in the scientific understanding of health and disease along with new technological developments offer exciting opportunities for improved health, but also present novel challenges to our health systems in terms of affordability, sustainability, and equity.

The societies we live in and the lifestyles we adopt influence our health. Increasing sedentary behaviours, the need for new drugs, extended lifespan, poor diet and continuous exposure to stressful conditions are adding to the burden of disease. In addition, locally and globally, conflict and poverty continue to drive the creation of living environments that adversely affect health.

Solutions to health problems, like the origins of problems themselves must be multi-faceted. Policy developers, non-governmental agencies and health-workers must work alongside researchers, health professionals and industry to promote holistic solutions. Multi-disciplinary solutions need individuals who have the skills to work across and within these areas, understanding underpinning science, identifying innovative solutions and acting as facilitators and analysts able to work across boundaries to be an agent for change.

If you are interested in the integrated scientific study of problems in human health and their impact on society, we want you to join us. We are confident that our course will give you the vital skills and knowledge to be able to make a valuable contribution and bring about change.

We look forward to welcoming you to Warwick Medical School.

Professor David Davies