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Welcome from the Course Director


BSc Health and Medical Sciences helps students to investigate problems in health from different perspectives, integrating discipline knowledge to embrace real-world complexity across traditional subject boundaries.

Our curriculum is based on the health problems that we see all around us in the world today. Health and medical services are struggling to cope with rising demand and the increasing burden of disease. Conflict, poverty, and environmental factors continue to drive conditions that adversely affect human health. Research and technological developments offer exciting opportunities for improved health and treatments, but also present challenges in terms of affordability, sustainability, and equity. Additionally, the health problems and health systems that we are familiar with close to home, are often very different globally.

Individuals with the skills and knowledge to work across the health and medical sciences can understand health problems holistically, and act as facilitators for change. By understanding the underpinning sciences and both human and systems aspects of health problems, potential solutions to these problems can be multifaceted, balanced and more successful.

The world-leading research that we conduct in medical and health sciences, and in clinical trials make WMS the ideal place for our innovative approach to education. Our educational expertise has been honed and refined in our successful medical and post-graduate programmes. We are confident that our BSc Health and Medical Sciences programme offers something distinctive and valuable, and equips students with the knowledge and skills that are needed for a range of careers in health, research and beyond.

We look forward to welcoming you to WMS.


Dr Hollie White

Course Director, BSc Health and Medical Sciences