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Technology and Health

During this module you will be introduced to the potential benefits and barriers of using technologies in problem solving for health. You will explore the advances made in information and communication technologies (ICT) in health care and how patient safety can be improved and measured through health information technology.

In addition, during this module you will cover the topic of big data in health disciplines including the challenges of big data, such as data structure, security, data standardisation, storage and transfers, and managerial skills such as data governance. You discuss the opportunities that the use of big data brings to the health care system, such as quality improvement, population management and health, early detection of disease, accessibility, improved decision making, and cost reduction. The application of several technologies in various health disciplines will also be discussed.

By the end of the module you should be able to:

  1. Engage with the concepts of big data and analytical algorithms and explore in depth how this interacts with the use of artificial intelligence in health and care
  2. Explore how new and developing technologies may be applied to global and local problems in health
  3. Consolidate ethical reasoning skills by application to emerging technologies in health and care
  4. Demonstrate an applied understanding of patient safety issues in the field of new and developing technology in health and care


7 weeks

Teaching methods

You will learn through a mix of lectures, group discussions, interactive presentations and technology enhanced learning.


1 x individual interactive presentation

1 x infographic