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Digital Health and Technology

During this module, you are introduced to the varied uses of technologies in health and care settings. Furthermore, challenges associated with big data and artificial intelligence will be explored as well as their benefits for managing local and global health problems.

By the end of the module you should be able to:

  1. To critically review the current digital landscape in health and care locally and globally and analyse impact on inequalities and access
  2. To demonstrate a deep understanding of concepts of big data, analytic algorithms and other emerging digital technology/analytics and their application in health
  3. To assess and critique the use of artificial intelligence in health and care with use of an example
  4. To formulate recommendations for application of emerging digital technologies in relation to local and global health problems as well as their potential consequences/challenges/ limitations


9 weeks

Teaching methods

You will learn through a mix of lectures, group discussions, interactive presentations and technology enhanced learning.


1 x written blog with hyperlinks

1 x infographic