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Years 2 and 3 modules


In years 2 and 3, your course will make extensive use of existing, highly successful modules within the School of Life Sciences. To do this, your cohort will largely merge with a much larger cohort of SLS students for classes, alongside an ongoing programme of WMS integrated science labs and tutorials that aims further to develop your integrated science skills.

Year 2 modules

In Year 2 you will dig more deeply into the mechanisms of living systems by taking more specialised modules, many of which originate with our sister school, the School of Life Sciences. The pan-disciplinary integrated approach continues via WMS Integrated Natural Sciences modules that allow you to further develop your experimental and interpretational skills across the sciences.

You will continue to attend Integrated Natural Sciences cohort events.

Core modules:

And two of:

Year 3 modules

Year 3 consists of further specialised Life Sciences modules, alongside a further Integrated Natural Sciences module. The Integrated Natural Sciences module focuses on integrated approaches to experimental design and analysis, which will help you in undertaking your year 3 research project. These modules will provide a grounding for your self-designed Year 4 Integrated Science Masters research project.

You will again attend Integrated Natural Science cohort events.

Core modules:

And two of: