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Suitable referees

You will need to provide us with one reference from a person (not a relative) who holds/has held a position of responsibility and who can comment on your suitability for studying medicine. If you have studied full-time in higher education within the last 2 years we require all references provided to be academic references from individuals who have directly taught you (or who have supervised your academic research). We will require your referees to be able to comment on your academic work.  

Your reference will not form a central part of the selection process, but will be considered before we make you an offer.

We recognise that it is difficult to obtain an academic reference after you have left university for some time. If your date of graduation was more than two academic years ago, you may substitute a reference from an employer. Employment/professional references must be from an individual who has been/is your line manager or supervisor in your current or most recent employment. It must not be more than two years since you worked for them.

Areas your reference should comment on

Your reference should comment on:

  • If you have not yet graduated, your predicted grade*
  • How prepared you are to study medicine.
  • Your potential for studying a full-time accelerated graduate-entry level programme.
  • Your engagement with and success in tackling new and challenging learning opportunities.

* Important: Your predicted grade should be from a member of academic staff at your current institution if you are still studying. Your referee should indicate your predicted grade in the relevant section of the UCAS form not in the body of the reference. If you fail to provide us with a suitable prediction from a suitable referee by 15 November, we may withdraw your application.