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Poster Presentations

Presenting research in parliament


Third year MB ChB student Ciara Doyle was invited by Warwick to take part in the annual ‘Posters in Parliament’ event in March 2019, where students from universities across the country presented their work for MPs and other officials to see and discuss. In her poster, Ciara presented the work she had done for her Student Selected Component (SSC) module last year, which found that NHS multidisciplinary teams need more support in optimising certain mental health treatment options.

Royal College of Psychiatrists International Conference- Poster Award


Charlotte Richardson was selected for an oral presentation of her SSC project “Standardised mortality rates among residents at Hatton asylum in the pre-antipsychotic era” at the Royal College of Psychiatrists International Conference. This unusual SSC project involved analysis of historical documents and calculation of standardised mortality rates for residents of Hatton asylum in the Victorian era. Findings showed that SMR for patients with severe mental illness has not improved compared with the general population since the introduction of anti-psychotic drugs, raising questions about whether the enlightened social aspects of care at Hatton should be revisited in the modern era.

Resuscitation Council (UK) 2019 Conference- Poster Presentations


Some of our RMD (Resuscitation for Medical Disciplines) students were invited to present their research on resuscitation and first aid at this national conference.

Foreign Body Airway Obstruction Removal by Vrinda Ohri, Aysha Abu Hassan, Emma Patterson, Ho Tang, and Keith Couper.

Alternative Methods of CPR in Cardiac Arrest by Ryan Dee, Kausala Rajendran, Michael Smith, and Dr Christopher Smith;

Journal Articles

Understanding first cervical screening experiences using narrative analysis of online blogs: a medical student perspective

Published in Education for Primary Care by Tabitha Francis, Sarah Freeman, James Leverington, Katherine Kinnear.

Response to evaluating student perceptions and awareness of social prescribing

Published in Education for Primary Care by Lily Applebee, Sarah Freeman, Katherine Kinnear, Jemma Parratt, Yasmin Omar.

A service evaluation of a specialist migrant maternity service from the user's perspective

Published in British Journal of Midwifery by Alex Filby, Wendy Robertson, and Eugenia Afonso.

Case‐based learning: A student experience

Published in Medical Teacher by Nivedita Rebbapragada.

Remote consultations in primary care during the COVID-19 pandemic: student perspectives

Published in BMJ Postgraduate Medical Journal by Cliona Mulvihill, Josie Cooper, Josh Pavey, and Jean-Pierre Laake.

Prevalence of frailty and reliability of established frailty instruments in adult elective colorectal surgical patients: a prospective cohort study

Published in BMJ Postgraduate Medical Journal by Simon J Howell, Thomas Dale MacLaine, Oliver Baker, and Dermot Burke.

Realising the potential of Improving Access to Psychological Therapies for older adults

Published in British Journal of General Practice by Jean-Pierre Laake.

The (future) doctor will see you now: Piloting a longitudinal virtual patient in medical education, simulating general practice

Published in Medical Teacher by Thomas Dale Maclaine, Cornelia Juengst, David Harris, Catherine Fenn, and Helen Gabathuler.

Targeted encouragement of GP consultations for possible cancer symptoms: randomised controlled trial

Published in British Journal of General Practice by Jean-Pierre Laake.

Medical students' perspective on common stressors experienced at medical school and how to address them

Published in Brazilian Journal of Psychiatry by Yasmin Omar, Jennifer Paxton, Rebecca Hui, and Emma Jenkins.

The role of the autophagy-inducer spermidine in cardiovascular ageing

Published in Reinvention: An International Journal of Undergraduate Research by Isa Hassan following a URSS project.

Student perspectives on barriers to performance for black and minority ethnic graduate-entry medical students: a qualitative study in a West Midlands medical school

Published in BMJ Open by Nariell Morrison.

Commenting on the paper, Professor Lesley Robets, Pro Dean Education, said:

This paper highlights some of the deeper issues which underpin the academic achievement gap and it is only through such understanding that we can tackle such factors, which is a clear priority for us. What makes me particularly pleased in this output is the fact that it is co-authored by a student-staff research team – working together in this way is essential for us to fully embrace this subject and start moving forwards together to bring about change. I congratulate all the authors.

Effects of maternal caffeine consumption on the breastfed child: a systematic review

Published in Swiss Medical Weekly by Aimee McCreedie and Lucy Brown.

The effect of alternative methods of cardiopulmonary resuscitation — Cough CPR, percussion pacing or precordial thump — on outcomes following cardiac arrest. A systematic review

Published by the European Resuscitation Council by Ryan Dee, Michael Smith, Kausala Rajendran, Gavin D. Perkins, Christopher M. Smith, Christian Vaillancourt, Suzanne Avis, Steven Brooks, Maaret Castren, Sung Phil Chung, Julie Considine, Raffo Escalante, Lim Swee Han, Tetsuo Hatanaka, Mary Fran Hazinski, Kevin Hung, Peter Kudenchuk, Peter Morley, Kee-Chong Ng, Chika Nishiyama, Federico Semeraro, Michael Smyth and Christian Vaillancourt.

Removal of foreign body airway obstruction: A systematic review of interventions

Published by the European Resuscitation Council by Keith Couper, Aysha Abu Hassan, Vrinda Ohri, Emma Patterson, Ho Tsun Tang, Robert Bingham, Theresa Olasveengen and Gavin D. Perkins.

The efficacy and usability of suction-based airway clearance devices for foreign body airway obstruction: a manikin randomised crossover trial

Published in Science Direct by Emma Patterson, Ho Tsun Tang, Chen Ji, Gavin D. Perkins and Keith Couper

Exploring the use and quality of Internet discussion forums in pregnancy: A qualitative analysis

Published in Birth Issues in Perinatal Care by Leila Ellis and Lesley Roberts.