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INSPIRE began in 2012, with £1 million in funding from the Wellcome Trust. It is currently coordinated by the Academy of Medical Sciences and supported but the Wellcome Trust. The programme is designed to encourage medical, dental and veterinary undergraduates with research.

There have been 5 rounds of grant funding and Warwick Medical School (WMS) was awarded £39,600 to cover 2 years of activity in November 2019 in a partnership collaboration with Swansea University Medical School (SUMS). The collaboration also extends to involve Student Societies at both schools. For WMS these are Warwick Academic Medical Society (WAcMS) and Surgical Med Tech Society (SMT).

INSPIRE Warwick Aims

  • Inspire our medical undergraduates to consider a research career.
  • Design and implement local, innovative approaches to building student interest in research.
  • Encourage student involvement: the experiences and needs of local students should inform the development of the local INSPIRE programme (our Student-Staff committee meetings are run by students from both schools)
  • Promote high quality, collaborative partnerships between members of faculty and students, and between schools and other local/regional/national organisations.
  • Strengthen local, regional and national student research networks, sharing experiences and resources.
  • Foster a research culture in all clinicians entering the NHS, not just those with an interest in pursuing a career in academic medicine.


Our programme of activities over the life of the project are outlined below. NB, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, some activities have been put on hold or been delayed.

News and Conferences


INSPIRE National Graduate Entry Research in Medicine Conference 2021

11th September 2021, Warwick Medical School

Abstract book of our 2021 Conference now available here.

Proceedings of our 2020 Conference now available here.

Prize Giving for INSPIRE Students Activities

The Pridgeon Research Prize awarded to J-P Laake and Commendations to A McGrath, J-P Laake and A Gadie to recognise the incredible work undertaken on INSPIRE, a programme designed to encourage medical, dental and veterinary undergraduates with research.

read here.

Other Conferences:

West Midlands Academic Trainees (WMAT) Virtual Conference 2021 - An event celebrating all forms of medical academia across the West Midlands

DATE - 19th July 2021.

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Warwick Medical School
Academic Leads

FP Cappuccio

Senior Careers Consultant

C Cunningham

R Issac

T Dale Maclaine


F Andrews

N Owen


L Elliott

P Evans

Publicity Officers

F Chamberlain

J Alsop

Year 1 Rep M Vasileiadou-Pellingk
Year 2 Rep E Spencer
Swansea Medical School
Academic Lead IM Khan
Student Lead JM Clayton

Useful links

Academy of Medical Sciences (INSPIRE Round 5)

INSPIRE Student Journal

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