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Challenging Racism workshop facilitators


Facilitating a Challenging Racism workshop requires skill and knowledge about a sensitive and important subject. This page provides information about what is involved and how to apply to be a workshop facilitator.

The Faculty Development teamLink opens in a new window who lead these workshops are:

Dr Catherine Bennett Bennett,

Dr Imogen Davies

Dr Emily Unwin Unwin

What is the Challenging Racism workshop?

The Warwick Medical School Challenging Racism workshop is designed to teach our staff active anti-racism skills and knowledge. It covers the impacts of racism on our medical students and provides an opportunity for participants to discuss these impacts and ways of responding, both in the moment and to students who report experiences of racism.

The workshop lasts for two hours and runs to the same plan each time. The first half consists of short presentations on different aspects of racism; the second half involves facilitated group discussions around two scenarios.

This workshop includes films based on our students' experiences. Most workshops run online but we are expecting to increase our face-to-face delivery.

Who can be a workshop facilitator?

This role is suitable for people who are already involved in teaching Warwick Medical Students and would be another part of that role. As racism is a difficult topic to talk about, you will already have good teaching skills and be an experienced group facilitator. We also provide training and individual support to help you develop as a new facilitator. Workshops run with a minimum of two facilitators so you will not be on your own.

You will need to show that you are:
  • welcoming and confident with large groups of learners from a variety of professional backgrounds and across a wide range of seniority;
  • competent at PowerPoint presentations, both face-to-face and online;
  • competent and confident to facilitate group discussions with up to 20 people;
  • keen to learn more about, or already have, subject knowledge of racism. Training and resources are provided;
  • committed to the facilitator training process and to facilitating at least two (ideally more) workshops once you are trained
  • You must have attended a Challenging Racism workshopLink opens in a new window yourself as a delegate. If you haven't attended one yet, you can continue to apply to be a facilitator once you are registered. Register hereLink opens in a new window.

What does training involve?

Training is tailored to your individual needs, but the core steps that everyone follows are:

  1. Attend a Challenging Racism workshop
  2. Attending a post-workshop debrief with an experienced workshop facilitator.
  3. Work through the workshop slide set and facilitator notes
  4. Attend a second meeting with an experienced workshop facilitator to discuss workshop content and facilitation
  5. Your role will be approved and agreed between you and the Faculty Development team before you start to co-facilitate workshops
  6. You will need to attend updates and debrief after workshops and expand your own subject knowledge.