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Virtual patients

Virtual patients

Developing clinical reasoning skills and more

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Team-based approach with clinical input from start, Approach with collaborative team-based frame of mind to design and development.

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Tips for learning

  • You may find it helpful to make notes as you go along – especially of any clinically relevant findings like abnormal observations and test results.
  • The learning objectives for the case will be provided at the end after you have completed the episode - just like in real life, where initially you don't know the content your consultation will cover.
  • Please have a careful read as they will help you to consolidate your learning.
  • You can take a break and return to complete and/or review these virtual patient cases. Resume points are built in, and each case has a summary book available on completion.
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Tips for design

  • Keep it simple
  • Focus on intended outcomes
  • Pay attention to authenticity

  • Promote decision making

  • Prioritise inclusive practice

  • Annual review to maintain contemporary aspects


  • Our WMS approach uses Moodle as platform.
  • H5P Moodle integration for embedding interactive learning activities.