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Year One

Year One will be delivered through largely university-based teaching, including integrated clinical exposure in various settings. You will be allocated to small learning groups made up of around ten students of different backgrounds and experiences. This method of working enables everyone to bring their own skills and knowledge to the group so you learn from one another, which we strongly believe enhances your learning experience.

You will remain in this group for the first year of the programme and from the example year one timetable (PDF Document) you can see that while there is scheduled teaching time, you are also expected to devote time to self-study.

Your learning will be organised into five blocks of five weeks each. Each block will require you to develop knowledge, skills and attitudes which allow you to acquire the fundamental clinical and professional competencies necessary to work effectively with patients and colleagues.

During the year, you will also undertake a Student Selected Component (SSC).

The blocks are listed below:

Term 1 Term 2 Term 3
Health, Metabolism and Homeostasis Brain and Behaviour Reproduction and Child Health
Blood, Lungs and Heart Locomotion  
Student Selected Component