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The University of Warwick is situated on the southern edge of the city of Coventry. Coventry is about 80 miles North West of London and about 20 miles east of Birmingham.

During your time at the medical school, you will spend the vast majority of your time at hospitals or general practices in Coventry, Warwick or Nuneaton. Although it may well be possible to get a lift with other students, generally speaking it is probably easiest to live in Coventry.

Although you may be thinking about living on campus, most students doing medicine live in rented accommodation away from the campus.

The University's Accommodation Office has further information about accommodation.

Previous transferring students have found accommodation independently and will be able to advise as to how they did this. If you wish to be put in touch with them, please contact

If you are waiting until you arrive to sort out long term accommodation then you should book at least a few nights in a hotel or guesthouse until you find your bearings and get over jet lag.