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Physics Graduation Celebrations - July 2022

Graduation Lunch Photos

This year there will be 3 separate graduation events, celebrating both those graduating this year and those who graduated during the pandemic.

The three events are:

  • Sunday 10th July 2022: Warwick Celebrates PG Celebration in Scarman Courtyard Room (from 12 noon)
  • Tuesday 12th July 2022: Warwick Celebrates UG Celebration in the Panorama Suite,Rootes Building (from 12.30)
  • Tuesday 26th July 2022: Warwick 2022 Physics Graduation in The Slate (from 13.00)

We have held similar events for many years, and they have always been very popular and enjoyable occasions. There will be a buffet lunch with strawberries and cream for dessert, accompanied by a glass of prosecco or fruit juice.

The lunch is free for graduating/graduate students plus up to 3 guests.

So that we can confirm numbers with the caterers, please could we ask you to complete the form relevant to your celebration (see above tabs) by 26 June 2022.

Thank you for your time.