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Feedback is given by markers to explain where they think you have done well, and to suggest how you can improve.


Your personal tutor (or someone who is standing in for them) will be available to discuss the breakdown of your marks in a one-to-one meeting with you, as soon as possible after the marks have been released. They will offer to go through with you any issues arising out of the marks.

Feedback on individual modules will be given as group feedback. We publish the examination questions, full answers and the examiner's report for each module during the summer vacation.

Assessed Coursework

Assessed coursework will be returned within 20 working days. This is the time limit agreed by the Students Union and the University. This rule does not apply to final year project reports, which are classified as dissertations.

Feedback on assignments designed to help you to improve your performance on subsequent assignments for the same module, will be given in time to help you with your next assignment. Examples include in-class tests, interim computing assignments, interim project reports, lab books, laboratory reports and the like. This will be in the form of written or oral comments to you as an individual, or as feedback on the performance of the group taking the module as a whole, or some combination of these.

Written feedback on your final year dissertation will be returned in time for you to prepare for your viva (PX319) or poster presentation (PX402).

Details of the assessment schedule and feedback processes for the coursework for a module are published on the module's homepage.